1. What is Social Change? What is art for social change? How can the arts forward social change? Do you agree/disagree with the perspective of Howard Zinn on artists’ role on social change?  Support your perspective by using some significant historical examples,  analyze how artists are “transcending” boundaries and becoming change makers.

DUE Feb. 5th.

2. Final Critical  Project.
Students meet with me at least Once before Finalizing Your Projects

  1. Each student will select an Artist from one of the social movement from the middle east,   (Arab spring  revolution) whose  art has inspired/impacted  you.
  2. Identify the nature of the Non Violent Protest, the artist was/ is engaged in.  The causes of the protest, the denial/violation of human rights.
  3. How as  an “artist” did she/he give voice to the demands/ concerns of the Protesters of your region to help bring about change? You can limit to a specific cause e.g. rising unemployment, racial discrimination, women’s rights, poverty, housing, inequality, civil/gender liberties…
  1. The Choice of your Selected artist/protest, in a proposal of your project addressing 1. & 2 is due Feb. 25thth.
  2. A rough draft of your project addressing 1. & 2 and 3 is due March 11th. th  This must include your works consulted./References.
  3. Final Project is due March 18th, No Extentions Please.

    Final Creative  Project

As an “ARTIVIST,” (artist+activist) What Social Change would you like to see?

The arts are an important locus for social change work.  

This has been true in times past and is increasingly the case locally, nationally, and globally. This project aims to bring together students with an interest in investigating and investing in social change work through the arts.  

The artivist  uses his/her talents to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression – through nonviolent  persuasion.  The artivist merges commitment to freedom and justice with the pen, the brush, the voice, the body, and the imagination.

What skills are useful in shaping social change through the arts?(friendship, love as methodology)

Students will  explore strategies for building skills and have the opportunity to begin developing some specific techniques with the purpose of effecting social change.


Students will discuss social issues of interest, and brainstorm about ways they may be addressed through various art forms and media.


They will undertake writing, digital stories, theater exercises, and music, video and art projects, to develop artworks and short performance pieces inspired by material covered in the course.

During the last  two weeks, we will have an informal showing of these on campus.

Proposals Due April 8th and Final Presentation Due April 22rd and 29th.

Middle East

The Political Transformation Of the Middle East

Non Violent Activism in the Middle East.


Artist Tack Action/Activism

There are several Resources on the class website