Course Requirements and Assignments: Weekly Schedule
 January 14th
Art, Social Movements,  and Social Change:
How do artists in different media address social issues? A sampling of artists’ works focused on  human rights, inequality, gender, and social justice.
  1. Readings: T.V. Reed: Introduction
  2. Time Cover
  3. Art and Public Policy for Change
  4. What is Art for Social Change?
  5. Howard Zinn

Week II: January 21st.
The Mythology of Violence: Ackerman and Duvall, pp 457-468
Ahimsa: The logic of Nonviolence
Ontology of Nonviolence
Readings: Howard Zinn,The Power of Nonviolence, Retaliation, ,Introduction & 5-7 , The trial of Scott Nearing, 42-44, and Gandhi:   45-46
Why We Fight
The Cost of War
Week III: January 28th
Nonviolent Resistance and political Power
The Top Ten Most Influential Resistances/revolts
Readings: Reading: T.V. Reed, The Art of Protest: Chap.VI
Another Realism: The Politics of Gandhian Nonviolence
Howard Zinn
  1. Apartheid, and the Politics of Rock Music; activism 'benefit rock'
  2. Nelson Mendala
  3.  Did the song "We Are the World" change the world or reinforce Western ethnocentric racism?

   February 4th
The Begening Tunisia and Egypt: Arab Spring
Readings: J. Gelvin; The Arab Uprising, 34-66
  1. Arts of Arab World
  2. From Fear to Fury: Tunisia Pays Tribute
  3. The Political Transformation of the Middle East and North Africa

February 11th
Study Questions
Readings: Grassroots communications :Manuel Castells
Role Of Social Media
  1.  Music and visual art  and New Media  in the Arab Spring
  2. Readings:

February 18th
The Crisis In Egypt,
Revolutionary Walls: Nonviolent Activism in the Middle East,
Bahia Shehab: A thousand times no
Readings: Civilian Jihad, Kefaya, S. Mansour , 205-218
  1. We are all Khalid Said
  2. Egypt,
  3. Egypt We are Watching You
  4. Ideas from Arab Youth: Demand for Democracy and Human Rights.
  5. Readings: J. Gelvin; The Arab Uprising, 1-32
Study Questions

February  25.
Bengazi ,
Photographic Truths
As an outlier 
Class will Discuss The Controversies around Nonviolence Practice in the Middle East and role of New Media in bringing about social change.

 March 4th.
March 11th. Global Human Rights
Human Rights Crisis Syria, Today,  Syria  Country Profile.,
Refugee Crisis
Artists for Human Rights in Syria
 The graphic image as art; the role of graphic art in the struggle for global human rights

March 8th International Women's Day 

March 11th
Actup , Aids and Gay Rights
  1. T.V. Reed -179-216 : ACTing UP:

March 18th.
Guest Speaker : Heather Davis
community arts  using friendship as method
Readings 1.
Reading :
"Performance, Aesthetics, and Support" from Jackson, Shannon. Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics. London: Routledge, 2011
March 25thSpring Break , No Classes

April 1st,
  Technologies of Protest: Public Square and Social Change
"Surveillance and Sousveillance"
  1. When the Watched Become the Watchers"
  2. Keep an Eye on Hasan Elahi

April 8th.
Political Power of Social Media
Ai Weiwei: The Dissident
  1. "Never Sorry"
  2. Human Rights, New Media and Underground documentary
  3. 3. The Art of Protest by filmmaker and illustrator Temujin Doran
    Read more:

April 15th,  Anti - Corporate Protest and Capitalist Crisis: The Art of Occupy Movement
Globalization and new models of wealth: coalitional movement against corporate globalization which attend only to the rights of corporations and nation-states.
Rise and Occupy
Molly Katchpole

April 22 & 29th :  Students Make Art For Social Change.
" Which Image opened your eyes to Human Rights"
Students will research, design, execute, and present a piece of art, on an issue, related to "Human Rights"
  1. Reflections on the Cultural Study of Social Movements."
  3.  Student Presentations make art for social change: